The Semantic Web and Education: A bibliography

Before I returned to being a student, the last project I worked on as a research assistant was ‘Ensemble’, which looked at the potential for Semantic Web technologies to support case-based learning in Higher Education.

The Semantic Web in relation to Education isn’t something which I’ve kept up with, as it hasn’t played a role in my Masters and PhD research. But as I’m approaching the end, I’ve been starting to wonder if/how the field has changed since then.

It must be over five years ago now that I put together a Semantic Web and Education bibliography in Zotero, as part of working on the special issue of Technology, Pedagogy and Education that I co-edited with Patrick Carmichael on the subject. Time for an update, I think!

I’ve switched from Zotero to Mendeley, because the Mendeley web browser plugin seems to work better than the Zotero one for my browser of choice (Chrome). It’s a public group and can be found here:

The number of papers in the library has increased from 54 to 130. It’s only the result of a fairly quick search of the literature (mainly via Google Scholar and ERIC) so I do not claim that it’s entirely thorough or comprehensive at the moment; any suggestions for other papers to include would be very welcome (feel free to post a comment below).

The questions remains of how the field has changed in the last five years – but that’s a blog post for the future.


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