A brief history of Technology-Enhanced Learning: an interactive timeline

Several years ago, when I was working with the Technology-Enhanced Learning Research Programme, I developed an interactive timeline for the website which set out a brief history of technology-enhanced learning, going back all the way to Victorian correspondence schools.

Out of the blue last week I received a message that it was no longer working, and whether I have a static version, as it’s a valuable reference resource. I had almost forgotten about it – the date on the webpage suggests I made it back in 2011 – but I’m glad that folks have found it useful whilst it has been quietly sitting on my website since then.

I’ve fixed the problem and tidied it up a litle but it is due for an update – notably, MOOCs have happened since then; I’ve added a couple of the major events to get started (but MOOCs could form a timeline all of their own and this is supposed to be a brief history!) – suggestions are very welcome 🙂

The timeline can be found at: http://www.katyjordan.com/TELtimeline/TELtimeline.html


    • Thanks David 🙂 The timeline actually loads its data straight from a Google sheet (nifty eh). I’ve opened it up for editing – any changes will feed straight in. (I’ve made a backup too just in case). The spreadsheet lives here:


      Couple of things:
      – label fields need to be unique
      – date format needs to be YYYY-MM-DD (although doesn’t need to be complete, just year or YYYY-MM is fine too)
      – feel free to suggest different themes for the colour coding – but any additional categories will initially appear as grey and need to be added to the html page by me to take effect

      Thanks for the links too – I will check them out and probably add things bit by bit over the next few weeks (this one falls into the ‘spare time side project’ category).

      Cheers! Katy


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