The Internet says … it’s maternity leave

For most of the year, we’ve been preparing to move house, and finally completed last week. The new house is great, but doesn’t have an existing phone line, so no proper internet access for now. This has been a bit weird for me, usually being permanently online, but it is probably just as well really, as we are expecting a baby within the next four weeks.

So I’m about to disappear from social media/work things for a few months. I’ve managed to get everything up to a point where I can leave it for now; I plan to be ‘off’ Twitter and checking emails around once a week only to respond to urgent work issues, until at least January. I am planning a pilot test run of the survey for my SRHE project in the meantime though, so I can be sure it is all ready for the main launch when I return to it properly at the beginning of March – if you would like to help out by giving it a go, let me know!

The train gets it.

Consequently, the job hunt is also on hold until the spring (this is why I stopped applying for one year posts a couple of months ago – it just wouldn’t have made any sense with the timing of baby). I’ve been on a bit of a mission to get caught up with papers from my PhD and other recent projects, which has been going well (& a couple more currently out for review, fingers crossed!), so hopefully this will give my CV a bit of a boost for the spring. And of course, if you have anything coming up next year needing a postdoc or collaborator, do bear me in mind 🙂


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