Open datasets in education – where to look?

One of my goals for this year is to have a bit of a data analysis refresher. Sometimes I wonder if I may be in a bit of a SPSS-Gephi-nVivo rut! (A useful rut, nonetheless).

My current to-do list includes general use of R and Tableau, and epistemic network analysis and structural equation modelling in particular. Although I have used it before, I’m also hoping to find some time to get properly reacquainted with the Digital Methods Initiatives’ latest tools too.

I find it always helps to have data to play with (not just artificial problem-sets type data). I’m planning to have a good look online for open datasets in Education and Educational Technology-related topics. I’m aware that openly publishing datasets is still quite niche – but there is a growing body out there.

I’ll be looking first of course at Figshare, and UK HE institutional repositories. But is there anywhere else I should be looking? Is there a particular place where US institutions post open datasets, for example? Do you know of any particular projects which have released data openly, either through platforms or just on their websites? (No need to recommend the OER Hub, they are already on my list of course 😉 ). I’d be very interested in any recommendations, and will share what I find at a later date.

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