Collecting online educational resources for early years and primary school education

Like many others, I find myself now in the position of needing to juggle academic work with also facilitating the education of a primary school-aged child, and looking after my nursery-aged child too. It is a fairly overwhelming prospect.

The number of links and resources I’ve received – via friends and family, and Facebook groups – has been a pleasant surprise though. Initially I was rather sceptical of what would be available, given that my children are very young.

I’ve added the collection of links I have so far to an Exhibit tool – which can be found here: . Note that I haven’t been through the list properly yet, but my plan is to look through them (with my daughter!) to check them out and populate brief descriptions and useful information to filter on (such as suitable age, subject, whether it is free or not, etc.) as we go.

If you have any suggestions to add, please do post a comment here! And if you’d like to help speed up the process of adding information to the database (it runs off a Google Sheet), also please do let me know and I can give you access (I think this would be a useful resource, when developed, for lots of people).


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