Online conferences coming up in 2020

There have been various announcements recently that conferences scheduled to take place in the coming months will be moving online. Some are now offering free participation, or at least substantially reduced fees, so I am planning to try to make up for not being able to travel by attending as many things as I can. This post is a round-up of all the things that are on my list; I will update it if there are any further announcements (at the moment, ALT-C and BERA are still scheduled to go ahead in September as planned). Hope this is useful for you too, and do let me know if you have any suggestions!


Networked Learning Conference

Coming up soon – 18th to 20th May. Free of charge, register online here:


The EDEN conference is scheduled to take place from 21st to 24th June. Fees re not stated yet but will be ‘substantially reduced’:

Web Science Conference

Scheduled for 7th to 10th July, this will now take place online. This is a very interesting inter-disciplinary conference, which usually includes some sessions related to Education. It won’t be free and fees are yet to be announced but will be ‘nominal’:

Social Media and Society

One day event in July (22nd). Free of charge to attend, no need to register, streaming information on the day:

Learning @ Scale

12th – 14th August. No information on the website at the moment about fees (I’ve wanted to go to this conference for years and not been able to afford it, hoping this is my chance!):


This conference had been scheduled for 14th to 18th September. It has been announced that it will be online instead – further details about timing and revised fee structure are yet to be announced.

Association of Internet Researchers

The AoIR conference will now be online and held over a two week period in October. The website states that the online events will only be open to members of the society, who must hold membership by 1st August – this is very cheap though (and even cheaper for students):

CSCW (Computer Supported Co-operative Work)

This is another one which I’ve not been to but have always thought would be very interesting. It’s going to be held online from 17th to 21st October. There will be a fee – as yet not specificied, but will be substantially reduced:

OE Global

16th to 20th November:


Will be held online, 30th November to 1st December. Note that the Call for Papers hasn’t opened yet so there is still the opportunity to participate as a presenter (deadline 6th July):

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